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Original baked teas with real fruit pieces

Grandma's fruit teas have been produced since 2005. An original recipe and entire production process were developed within the company. Since then, many new types and variations have been created.

Grandma's baked tea has gradually been introduced to the market and into the minds of customers. The current production capacity covers the entire Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Production continues to increase, and steps are being taken to make it more efficient.

The production itself is carried out manually under the supervision of professional workers. We collaborate with leading suppliers, and raw materials for production are carefully selected and undergo strict control.

The result is an excellent beverage concentrate without chemical preservatives, which is a unique and healthy companion for the whole day.

Natural fructose

Grandma's baked tea is an excellent beverage concentrate with real fruit pieces, without any preservatives or artificial colors.

It is sweetened only with fructose, which is a purely natural product.

Simply pour hot or sparkling water over it, and you have a delicious, fruit-scented drink